Laser Quest Coventry

The ultimate laser action adventure

This is no video game – this is for real!

Laser Quest Coventry

Coventry's premier laser quest, VR, Mini Golf & party venue!

The ultimate sci-fi action adventure for all ages. Whether you’re 6 or 66, you’ll love the adrenaline pumping exhilaration of stalking your opponents and unleashing a searing volley of laser fire in the battle zone of the 21st century. This is no video game – this is for REAL.

We provide full briefings and all the equipment you need. Each player is kitted out with a futuristic body pack and carries a laser. Each game is played out in the Laser Quest labyrinth, with catwalks, mazes, swirling fog, music and lights. You score points when you zap your opponents but lose points when they zap you. Up to 20 players can compete in 20 minute sessions. From team to solo games, there is a format suitable for you. Scores are displayed on monitors at the end of the game with each player receiving their own score card.

At Laser Quest Coventry, the fun doesn’t stop there! Put your putting skills to the test with our fantastic Mini Glow-Golf! Or take a ride on our VR Sphere and soar through the sky or the depths of the ocean!

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